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Ishq Telugu Movie Review: Fan Go Crazy For Teja Sajja-Priya Prakash Varrier’s Film!


The story of the film is not that complicated but at the same time it wasn’t that fun to watch and experience, the story is about two lovers who are about to get married and before the marriage, the guy planned to go on a night road trip with his lover before making the engagement official, and their privacy gets disrupted by a man who becomes a mystery for them and what are they going to do about him is the plot of the movie.

Ishq Telugu Movie Review Teja Sajja

Ishq Telugu Movie Review Teja Sajja

He made an impressive debut when we talk about Zombie Reddy as he was one of the key factors that made the movie work but it has to be said that Ishq has been a project in which he has done great but and he needs to be appreciated to choose scripts which are not mainstream but the movie didn’t have too much for him to do, he still tried to carry the movie, yes he could have done better but it’s just the start of his career and it seems like that he is on the right path.


The movie is a remake of the Malayalam movie which has the same name too and it seems like that it is not even a good adaptation and the story didn’t have much and the direction has not been up to the mark when we talk about the particular movie.

The movie carried out a lot of unwanted abrupt cuts, it started off on a wrong note only and it seems like that the direction and the vision of the movie didn’t feel like that it has been given too much thought and it feels like that the movie has been an adaptation which is not the best in itself and if you like the plot of the movie then you should definitely watch the original one as it is the movie which is made with thought and a lot of detail.

It has to be said that the ending is good in the movie but the impact is what is missing in the movie as it feels like that the movie has been made in a hurry and that is where the movie lacks a lot.

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