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Ishq Par Zor Nahin Today Episode 19th August 2021 Written Update: Ahaan Fulfils Ishqi’s Wish!


The episode begins with Savitri as she reaches the mental asylum with Suraj and calls Ishqi’s name. Karthik and Ahaan notice them. Dadi also hears Savitri’s voice. Karthik tells Ahaan that Savitri came to look for Ishqi. Ahaan says that they can’t trust anyone this time. He says that his heart is saying that Ishqi is here only. Savitri asks the staff about Ishqi. The doctor says that Ishqi is not here. She says that she knows them very well and also they are doing everyone on Dad’s order. She says that they are cheating their profession for Dadi’s sake. Suraj tries to calm Dadi down.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Dadi holds the injection and is about to inject Ishqi but the doctor stops her and says that let him cross-check once. Karthik and Ahaan catch that doctor and didn’t let him go inside. The doctor says that he can’t go inside but Ahaan enters the room and sees Ishqi unconscious. He takes her with him picking her up in his arms. Meanwhile, Dadi hides and then say thanks to god. Ahaan takes Ishqi outside and sprinkles water on her. She asks her to open her eyes. Karthik gets mad at the hospital staff. Ahaan beats the doctor and asks what did he do with Ishqi. Karthik asks her to stop as the police are coming.

The doctor puts all blame on Savitri saying that she told them to do all this to Ishqi. Suraj says that the doctor is lying, Savitri didn’t do all this. Ahaan makes Savitri arrest by the cops saying that Savitri is responsible for his wife’s kidnapping along with the hospital staff. Ahaan then takes Ishqi with him. Dadi gets relieved and calls Ahaan asking about Ishqi. He says that he will call her later. Ahaan says sorry to Ishqi and says that it’s all his mistakes and misunderstanding. He says that she had to go through all this because of him. He then reveals that he gets to know that Dadi is behind all this.


He gets shattered and says that he trusted Dadi so much and she broke his trust. He adds that he misunderstood Ishqi when she was just trying to unite him with his mom. Ahaan then leaves the place asking Karthik to take care of Ishqi. He goes to the office and then gets a file through which he gets to know that Savitri wanted to file a domestic violence case. Then he goes to Chachi and confirms everything. Chachi reveals everything to Ahaan about Dadi. On the other side, Dadi makes another plan to kill Ishqi but fails because Ahaan reaches there before she kills Ishqi and then changes the topic. Watch the full episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony TV at 09:30 PM.

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