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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishki and Ahaan Romance Begins!


Today’s episode begins with Dadi as she says to Ishqi that a woman’s belongings should not be here and leaves. Ishqi tries to says something to Dadi but Chachi stops her saying that Ahaan will not support her for this thing. Chachi says to her that she will be with her always and hugs her. Ishqi says to her that tonight she needs her at the whole party. Ishqi dressed up for the reception party. Sonu and Karthik come to Ishqi and tries to tease her. While Ishqi is recalling Chachi’s words and thinks maybe Chachi has sympathy with Savitri.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

She meets Sonu and Karthik and they do some Masti with each other. The guests start coming to the party. Ishqi also comes to the party. Dadi asks her if Ahaan is late for the party again. Ishqi says that she is going to call him and he is about to come. Ahaan tells Ishqi that he is just coming out of the office and will reach the house in some time. He tells her that he has his clothes with him. He asks her to inform Dadi about it. He dressed up and about to leave for the house but then receives a call from Rhea’s servant who tells him that Rhea is faint suddenly and no one is at home this time.

Ahaan says that he is coming in some time. Here, Rhea says to her servant that now she can go. Rhea thinks that Ahaan will come here any time. She says to Radhika that she can also go from there. Radhika asks her to be aware and leaves. Dadi again asks about Ahaan but this time, Karthik makes her busy talking with the guests. Ahaan calls Ahaan. Ishqi also thinks about Ahaan that why he hasn’t reached here till now. Karthik leaves the place to get information about Ahaan, he tells Sonu About it.

Sonu feels sorry for Ishqi and thinks if Sarla gets to know about it. Here, the servant tells Rhea that a car has come. She starts her acting. Sarla asks Ishqi about Ahaan. She says that he is coming in some time. Dadi asks Ishqi if she had a fight with Ahaan and that’s why he is not here. Ishqi says nothing happened between them. Chachi tells that Ahaan is stuck in traffic and will come in some time. Raj and Sonu start the party. Everyone dances. Suddenly, Ahaan makes his entry into the party and everyone gets shocked seeing him. Ahaan recalls everything that how Karthik came to him and helped him. Don’t forget to watch this latest episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony Tv at 09:30 PM.

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