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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 8th July 2021, Written Update, Testing Times For Ishki!


Today’s episode starts with Ishqi as she enters the office room and notices Rhea is sitting on Ahaan. Rhea tries to clarify and says that she came here bringing dinner for Ahaan. She says that she feels so bad about whatever her dad did with Ahaan. She is trying to create misunderstanding but Ishqi fails her by laughing loud and cracks jokes. She says that everything is fine, why is she behaving like she planning or hiding something. Rhea says no and adds that Ishqi is so sweet to which Ishqi says that she is less sweet than her parents. Rhea leaves the place.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Here, Savitri meets a man and goes somewhere with him in a car. Dadi drops Sonu at her house. On her way, she sees Savitri in a car but Savitri hides immediately. Dadi feels worried and thinks if she is alive. Sonu asks what happened as she is looking worried. Dadi says nothing happened, she is fine. In the office, Rhea sees the dinner package which Rhea brought for Ahaan. She asks him about Dal Makhni. He says what. She says Rhea brought his favorite food then have that. She is taking back the food which she brought for her. He says that he will have Gobi Parathas.


She asks her to eat the food brought by Rhea. He says that he is eating what he likes. She says that he is just pretending. Ahaan says that there are only two things which he likes that is Gobi Ka Paratha and her. Ishqi asks him not to try buttering her. He pulls her close to him and then makes her comfortable on his lap. They both feed each other and spend a cute moment with each other. He says to her that he didn’t remember anything about that night and was afraid thinking if their relation broke because of his mistake. He gets a call from someone.

On the other hand, Dadi dreams about Savitri that she came to kill her, Dadi gets afraid. She makes a call to the hospital to confirm again about Savitri. Suddenly, Dadi hears a sound and asks who is there? She notices Ishqi and Ahaan who are talking to each other and Ahaan says thanks to Ishqi as he trusts him. They see Dadi and says that they were just going to their room. The next morning. Ahaan notices Ishqi who is busy in the kitchen. Karthik comes and asks him to have breakfast as Ishqi won’t come soon. Everyone prepares for the reception party. Ahaan decides to go somewhere after the reception. Watch the full episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony at 09:30 PM.

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