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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 7th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Ahaan Saves Ishqi!


The episode begins with  Ahaan get to know that Ishiqui is doing a job in the hotel of Hotel management. This makes him angry with her and he behaves cruelly with her. Ishqi has been getting hurt by this behavior of Ahaan. Later we will see that Kartik takes a stand for Ishiqui and tell Ahaan that whatever he is doing with her is wrong.

Ishq par Zor Nahi

He also says that Ishiqui is tensed and upset and she is doing this job because you stop her to do another job. Meanwhile, Dadi and Shonu also come there and Kartik informs Dadi that Ishiqui is doing a job in this hotel. After this Dadi says let’s talk t the hotel manager and take her out of this job. Kartik yells at Dadi and says how could you do this to her. Later Ishiqi reaches there and Ahaan offers a tip to her. Ishqi tells him that she can’t take t as it is against of hotel rules for its employees.


Later we will see that everyone reaches the engagement venue where Ishiqi is handling all the work and she even wonders to finish her work before someone notices her. Then Ris’s dada announced a surprise ring ceremony of Ahaan and Ria which is a shock for everyone and Ishiqi is also there. When Ahaan and Ishiqi get to know about the ring ceremony then they feel bad. On the other side, Ishiqi is hurt.

The later engagement ring has been lost and the blame goes to Ishiqi but later the truth comes in front of everyone that Ishiqi is innocent. Then Ishii goes outside and she uses to cry meanwhile Ahaan comes to her and he asks why is she quiet and not telling him the truth. He also says if she will tell a truth, he will going to forgive her. But Ishqi can’t tell him the truth. After this Ria comes there and she notices Ushiqi and Ahaan together. The episode ends here.

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