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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 5th July 2021 full episode written update, Ahaan Takes A Firm Stand For Ishki!


The episode begins with a new twist in Ahaan and Ishiqui’s life. Both of them are going to face something extremely unexpected and they will be going to remain stunned. So, let us tell you that the serial is doing a great job, and ‘it has huge fans. The main leads are on the s9cialm media platform and they receive lots of messages and love from their fans.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

In tonight’s episode, we will be going to see what Reha uses to create drama she says that she is pregnant and this is the Ahaans baby in her womb, But whatever she is claiming is a lie. She is doing this so that she can separate Ahaan and Ishiqui, She is in love with Ahaan and ‘wants to live with him. But Ahaan loves Ishiaqi and he will be not going to accept where ‘Reha is saying. When Ishiaqi listens to this she goes to Reha and tells her that I have faith in Ahaan. I have blind trust in him. And ‘i know that he can’t do anything like this.

She even uses to yell at her and say that you lying so that Ahaan can leave me and you can get married to him. Then Ishiqi uses to slap her also. But Reha uses to stick to her words. Later we will also see that Ishiqui is angry with him and avoiding him. Then Ahaans brother goes to Ahaan and he tells him to go and apologize to her. Then Ahaan is to make q plan for jer and he plans a surprise date for her. On the other side, Ishiqui is tensed and frustrated.

Then Ahaan tesll Kartik that eh is rught and ihe palns a hneymmoon alos so thet he and Ishiqui cam get the time. And they can sort the things. To know how their honeymoon will going to be spent you need to watch the full episode on Sony tv. You can also stay tuned to us by bookmarking our site.

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