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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 5th August 2021, Written Episode Update, Ishqi To Break The Wall Between Ahaan And His Mother!


The episode starts with Ahaan as she wakes up with Ishqi, they both hug each other. Ishq says that they should get ready and leave. He asks her not yet. Here, Suraj asks Savitri to come with him as they are going to the hospital for her checkup. Sonu comes to Savitri and says that she gets to know about her health from Ahaan. Savitri hugs Sonu and they both cry. Suraj sees them and leaves the place. Savitri tells her that she is going to the hospital for her checkup. Sonu asks her can she come with her. Savitri asks if she wants to come with her.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Savitri then tells her that there is no need to come with her as her Dadi and Ahaan will get angry with her. She adds that she will manage herself. Suddenly, Savitri starts to cough so Sonu says that she is coming with her and she will handle Dadi and her brother. Here, Ishqi and Ahaan get ready.  The room serviceman opens the door who brings a special breakfast for them. Ahaan gives money to the room service. Ishqi comes there and says that why has Karthik done so much expense for this honeymoon suite. She says that they will take towels, shampoo, and soap from the hotel room.

Ahaan smiles at Ishqi’s talks. He says to Ishqi that this child will not bring any differences between them. He adds that it is all up to her if she wants to help him in Riya’s matter not. He says that he just wants to say that she is her priority and he needs her support in all this. She says that she will always be with him and will never leave him. He also promises her that he will never leave her for anyone. Sonu reaches the hospital with Savitri where she met Riya. Sonu tells her that she is her mom when Riya asks her about Savitri.

On the other hand, Ishqi and Ahaan come home. Dadi stops them and asks where were they the whole night. He says that they both have to talk in private. Dadi says to him that she also wants to him sometimes but he is never from his wife. She says that now they have to bring Riya into this house so that they can improve his mistake. Ahaan says that he is ready to take responsibility for the child then why she wants to bring Riya to this house. Dadi scolds Ahaan.

Ishqi interrupts and says that when Ahaan is ready to take the responsibility then why she wants to bring her Sautan here. Ahaan stops Ishqi from behaving rudely with Dadi so Ishqi leaves the place. After some time, Ishqi meets Riya and asks her to help her to expose Dadi then she will help her to get all rights for her child. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony Tv at 09:30 PM.

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