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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 30th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Ahaan’s Hatred Clouds His Judgement!


The next written update of the serial “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” is ready to take delight in its audiences with other twists and turns. Currently, the storyline of the serial is featuring a high voltage drama after Priya unveils the shocking truth that she is pregnant and Aahan is the father of his child. Ishqi gets stunned after hearing this and her eyes get full of tears and she could not able to make-believe this fact. On the other side, Dadi is enjoying the entire scene and smirks. Let’s see what next is going to happen in today’s episode.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

In the promo of the serial, the planning of Dadi gets fail as she invites Saraswati to her home and tries to kill her but suddenly Ishqi comes there and fails the plan of Dadi. In today’s episode, the viewers will see a twist in which Ishqi reaches the hospital and Aahan also comes there and Ishqi thinks about what he is doing here and how he gets to know that I am here and the truth of Saraswati Chachi will also come out.


Aahan says to Ishqi why don’t you tell me that you are here I was so worried about you and concerned about your health. Ishqi’s Massi says Aahan nothing is needed to worry about she is fine. Ishqi feels relax and thinks thank God Aahan did not get to know anything about Saraswati Chachi. On the other side, Dadi is upset that her plans get failed and Saraswati escaped from my hands, and now how can I call her in the house again?

At the same time, Dadi receives the call from Sarla and Sarla informs her that she is organizing a Kitty party in her house and she invited her. Dadi’s get jealous and says now these kinds of people will invite me huh. If she was not the mother-in-law of the daughter of my house, I would have reminded her of her status.

In another scene, the viewers will see the romantic track of Ishqi and Aahan but now their love story is in danger after Priya unveils a bitter truth. Is Aahan really the father of Priya’s child or Is this Dadi’s new trick? Let’s wait for the further update till then watch this episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on the Sony TV channel at 9:30 PM and stay connected with Getindianews for more such updates.

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