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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 28th June 2021 full episode written update: Ishqi Gets Upset with Ahaan!


The episode begins with Ishqi is missing and Ahaan is trying to find her but he isn’t finding her anywhere. Then she gets upset and keeps on wondering where she can go and she must tell him if something is urgent. He trying his best to find her and meet her. He wonders what if she has been kidnapped. The Ahaan goes to his brother and he tells him that Ishqi has been missing.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Then Vivan tells him to be calm and he also goes ‘in her search. Vivaan tries his best to find her but he also unable to find her. Ahaan and Vivaan both worried and upset and thig what else they can do to know Ishiqis’s location. They tried calls to her friend and colleagues. But no one knows about her. On the other hand, Ishia is sitting in the hospital and she is devastated when she gets to know about the truth but now nothing could be changed as she is married to Ahaan now.

Whereas we will witness that Dadi isn’t ready for the marriage of Ahaan and Ishiqui but they are married now. Then Ahananask to Viavvan whether he knows about Ishiaiai or not and he got to know that Vivaan is also clueless about Ishiqi’s location. Then we will see that aIshpqi decided to get back home and Ahaan gets shocked when he sees her in front of him.

He assists her where she was as he went upset and tries to find her everywhere. He tells her that he was so upset. But Ishqi isn’t in a state of mind to answer his question as she is in shock by the truth she gets to know. Ahaan tells her to not go again without informing him. Then Ahaan assumes that there is something wrong with her as ‘her reactions are showing it clear that she is upset but finding something. Adapter this we will witness that Ahaan trying to know the reason for her being worried. The episode ends here.

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  1. Ishqi is behaving irresponsibly.. That’s not right.. She needs to Tell where she is going instead of running out and leaving people thinking the worst.. She needs to act and tho k maturely.. She is too impulsive


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