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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 25th June 2021, Written Update, Kidnapped Returns Ishqi To Home!


The wonderful day started with wonderful news and we are always concerned about the choices of readers and that’s why we are back with the written update of their favorite daily soaps. In this blog, we are sharing the written update of the serial “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” of 25th June 2021. In the upcoming track, the viewers will watch that Dadi is enjoying her victory and says, at last, my trick was successful and I finally separated Ahaan and Ishqi and on the other side, Ahaan is talking to Ishqi and says Dadi is doing a lot of things for us, so can’t you do one little thing to please grandma.¬†

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

He further says, why you can’t marry to a tree in to clear your fault and in this answer, Ishqi says Ahaan there is a flaw in my horoscope and I have not put with my hands and if you want me to marry a tree that will not be going to happen at all. Ahaan says now you are trying to create an issue as I am trying to make you understand that whatever Dadi is doing only for the sake of our good deed.

Dadi is just only concerned about our happiness and she also gets agreed for our wedding and still, you are not fulfilling the small wish of Dadi and if Dadi feels happy with this and think by our doing your fault will clear then why you do not want to do this. Ishqi says Ahaan I love you so much and respect you a lot and I accept everything you say but if you are expecting me that I will be going to agree on the disgusting demand of Dadi then you are absolutely thinking wrong.

She further says I can not support this kind of superstition and I will not going to marry the tree first and then you. Ahaan gets too much angry with her and then leaves from there and even Ishqi also goes from there. Ahaan’s Dadi and his first fiancee both watched their argument and gets happy¬†and she says Dadi finally your plan is working and a big issue is created between them and both are fighting with each other.

Ahaan is very much tensed and thinks don’t where is Ishqi and he goes to the room to find Ishqi and he could not find her there and he sees a letter there and he gets shocked after reading that letter and worried too. There are a lot of emotional things is written in the letter and then he goes to find Ishqi. Their bong is very strong and nobody can break it. That’s all for today we will meet on Monday with the next written update till then watch this episode of “Ishq Par Jor Nahi” on the Sony Tv channel at 9:30 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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