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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 24th May 2021, Written Update, Ahaan to express his feelings to Ishqi?


The episode starts with Ishqi as she explains her thoughts about Ahaan while giving a speech from Sonu. After hearing the speech, the family members get very emotional and praises. Karthik tells that the last part of the poem was about Ahaan and Sonu but that didn’t happen ever. The grandmother says then who told that. Chachi says that Ishqi didn’t mention her in the whole speech. Everyone starts laughing. Everyone hugs Sonu emotionally.

Ishq par Zor Nahi

In the next scene, Ishqi goes to the swimming pool and sits there alone. Sonu sends a message to her and says thanks to her. She says to her that she is with her always. Ahaan comes there. He says to her that he didn’t know that she is here and says sorry for disturbing her. Ishqi says that she is not disturbed at all. Ahaan asks her if Mayank is joining her. She denies it and says she wants to spend some alone time. He says that he came here for the same. She asks him to sit. He says the same to her and adds if she wants. They both sit and have a conversation together. Ahaan says thanks to her as she helped Sonu very much.

Ishqi says that he has done so much for her. He says that he very well knows that she was describing her thoughts about him while giving a speech. He says because Sonu doesn’t think like this about him. The next morning, everyone gets ready for the Haldi function. First, Mayank performs the Haldi ritual. He was also tensed about Sonu’s case. Ishqi and Sonu come. Rhea praises them saying they both are looking very beautiful. She says to Ishqi that she is keenly waiting for the remaining surprises. She asks her to plan something like this for her and Ahaan’s marriage. She says okay.

After Mayank and Raj’s Haldi ritual. Sarla says now it’s girls’ turn for the Haldi ritual. Ishqi says to Sonu that they have to search for the blackmailer. Sonu asks what about the Haldi ritual. Ishqi says that she has a plan. She tells her that they will dance and during the dance performance, she tries to find that man who has that mark on his hands. Sonu faints when she gets Mayank’s message. Everyone gets tensed Later, Sonu tells everything to Ishqi. Ishqi makes a call to that number. Ahaan asks Mayank if his phone is ringing.

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