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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 24th June 2021 full episode written update: Riya To Get EXPOSED!


The episode begins with Sarla as she is leaving the house angrily and everyone is trying to stop her. Rhea comes to Ahaan and says how Ishqi can do this. He leaves from there. On the other hand, Karthik asks the police who filed this complaint. They tell her that a girl came to the police station. Karthik asks if he can see the CCTV footage. He says sure. Rhea goes to Dadi who is angry. Rhea tells her that he asked Raj if he needs the house, she can arrange it for him. She says that Ahaan will be shattered seeing all this.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Ishqi is talking to Ahaan and thanking him for as he trusted her. He also says the same for fighting for Sonu. She apologizes to him. He says that sometimes they need to tolerate things so that no one gets hurt. He says that Sonu and Raj can suffer because of all this. He adds that Dadi will not be able to see the separation of Raj and Sonu. he says that he will not leave Mayank so easily. He says that she is stubborn and asks her to argue now. She holds his shirt’s collar and says that she will throw him in this pool if he will say that the family belongs to him only. She says that the family belongs to us.

Ishqi says she won’t let anything wrong happen to Sonu. Ahaan apologizes to her. Dadi sees all this and gets angry. Rhea and Dadi leave from there. Here, Raj says sorry to Sonu on behalf of his mother. Sonu says that his mother will not accept her now. Sarla comes and says sorry to them. She asks not to go leaving them. She hugs them recalling how Ginni asks her to be calm if she wants to teach a lesson to Sonu. At night, Ishqi and Ahaan are thinking about each other. Ahaan wants to send a text but unable to do.

Meanwhile, Ishqi makes a call to him and asks him to send, what he is typing. He says if she wants the message. She says yes. He says that all this is, first time with him. Then she says like she daily messages many. She says that we will experience everything together. While talking over call, Ishqi slept. Ahaan cuts the call saying good night. The next day, Sonu makes Ishqi wear Kaleerein. Dadi asks Pandit Ji to check Ishqi and Ahaan’s Kundali. Pandit Ji tells them that there is Kundali dosh in Ishqi’s Kundali. Pandit Ji also gives them a solution. Catch the amazing and latest episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony TV at 09:30 PM.

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