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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 24th August 2021, Written Update, A happy ending!


Hey, entertainers just hold the cup of your tea and look at your screen carefully to know the written update of your daily soap before its telecast on TV. We are here with the next written update of the popular serial “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” of 24th August 2021. This serial is highly watched by the audiences due to its interesting and unique love story of Ishqi and Ahaan. The show gained so much love from the side of the audience which makes it one of the most-watched shows. Now we have a piece of bad news for these serial lovers, the show is about to air off soon as the love story of Ishqi and Ahaan ending on a happy note.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

The recent promo of the episode is clearly indicating that the serial is already reached its final episode. With the end of this serial Sony, Tv Channel is back with another popular serial. But let’s have a look at the finale episode of the serial. As the viewers watched in the previous episodes, Dadi tries to break the marriage of Ishqi and Ahaan and in this order, she takes the divorce papers and goes to Ahaan and tries to make him convince him to give divorce to Ishqi and asks him to sign on this paper but he refuses to sign on it.

Dadi says now she is going to test Ishqi whether she is interested in this marriage or not. She goes to Ishqi and asks her to sign divorce papers and says if Ishqi signs on these papers she will let Sonu and Ahaan meet their mother Savitri. Ishqi signed the papers and then Dadi shows these divorce papers to Ahaan which increases his anger and he goes to Ishqi and sign the paper in front of her and takes his ring back.

Dadi’s plans are almost successful and she also kidnapped Ishqi and admitted her to a mental assaylam. Later on, with the help of Kartik, Ahaan gets to know the truth of his Dadi and he goes to the assaylam and saves Ishqi. Ahaan brings her mother and wife back to his house which is a big shock for Dadi and he also unveils the truth about Dadi in front of Malhotras. Sonu and Ahaan both ask forgiveness from Savitri for always blaming her and hating her.

Finally, after a long time, Dadi realizes her mistakes and says sorry to Ishqi and Savitri as well and she also accepts the marriage of Ishqi and gives the surname of Malhotra. Ishqi asks Ahaan to forgive Dadi. At the end of the episode, Ishqi proposes Ahaan and he accepts her proposal and both get remarried. The serial ends on happy notes. Stay tuned with us to know the update of the new serial.

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