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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 22 June 2021, Written Episode Update: Ishqi to get Angry at Sarla!


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Sonu and Kartik asking Ishqi to make Ahaan aware of the situation, and then Ishqi is replying to them that he is goofing the way he is and then Sonu tells her that he is going to pray that they stay with each other forever and he further stated that he is going to wish for their happiness and then Ahaan enters the room and then Sonu and Kartik are teasing Ahaan as he has entered the room and then Ahaan gets annoyed with them and he is asking them to shut their mouth,

Ishq par Zor Nahi

And then Kartik is saying that Ishqi  should be aware of the situation as she should know that fire is igniting from both sides and then Ishqi and Ahaan are smiling and then Mahiya enters the room stating that Dadi has told her that she was lying and then she stated that they are going to play a different game after which Riya is seeing smiling and then she is stating that Ishqi and Ahaan are hanging out together.

Then Dadi is telling her that Ahaan is going to stop hanging out with Ishqi in no time as she further stated that he is in debt of her and he is going to listen to whatever she tells him as she stated that she has agreed for the relationship of both of them and thus she has become a good  person in the eyes of both of them and then she stated that she doesn’t need to answer her as she will have to answer Ahaan if it comes to that,

She further stated that she is going to provoke her from now on and then she is going to misbehave with her and then she is going to tell him that she is not the right girl for him and then Riya agrees with her and tells her that she is in full agreement and she is also going to help her in her plans.

Dadi is stating that they are going to keep the mehendi celebration for today itself as Sarla is asking of them that how did they even agree to this and then Dadi is asking from Riya that is she fine seeing Ahaan with someone else and she stated that it doesn’t feel right to her and she gets hurt because of that but if Ahaan is happy then she doesn’t have a problem.

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