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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 20th May 2021, Written Update, The Tangled Love Story, Ishqi and Ahaan Doubt Mayank!


The episode starts with Ishqi as she thinks about Ahaan’s advice that we can’t solve our problems alone every time. She says Sonu the same words. Ishqi tries to make Sonu understand that her family members love her so much. Sonu says to her that if they learn about last night then how will she face them and they also hate her. Ishqi says to her that not to worry as they will understand her. She promises Sonu that she will find the accuser. They both hug each other.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

Sonu also blames herself for not listening to Ahaan. Ishqi says that this is not her mistake, it’s that guy’s mistake and they will punish him for his deeds. Sonu gets emotional. Mayank overhears their conversation from far and gets tensed to hear all this. He says that Ishqi will ruin all his plans. Sonu asks Isqi not to tell anyone about it but Ishqi says they have to tell Ahaan about it. Sonu denies. Sonu says that he will blame her only like before. Ishqi agrees. Mayank comes to them and says that he will also help them to find the real culprit. Sonu and Ishqi get stunned to see him.

On the other hand, Dadi asks the resort manager to gather all his staff as she wants to see their faces. Ahaan comes there along with Rhea and asks her what happened. Ahaan asks Rhea to find Sonu. Then he asks Dadi why she is so tensed. She says to him that he feels that Savitri is here. Mayank consoles Sonu. Ishqi says to him that Sonu is not comfortable yet with any other guy. He says to her that he wants to help them. Ishqi says to him to check the CCTV footage. He agrees and leaves from there. Ahaan asks why will she be here.

There, Sonu says to Ishqi if Mayank informs Ahaan about it. She assures her that he won’t do anything like this. Dadi misses seeing Savitri while going to the room. Ahaan says to Dadi that he is going to increase the security and asks her not to take the stress. Savitri hears all this that thinks that Ahaan has so much hatred for her. Ishqi gets a nail piece of Sonu and thinks about how it comes here. Ishqi meets Ahaan and while talking to him, she realizes that Sonu would scratch that man to save herself. She says to Sonu that now they will find the accuser soon.

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