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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 20th August 2021, Written Episode Update, Ishqi And Rhea To Join Forces Against Dadi!


The episode starts with Dadi as she comes to the hospital and goes to Ishqi’s ward. She asks the nurse to go out telling her a lie. She is about to remove Ishqi’s oxygen mask. Meanwhile, Ahaan comes there and calls Dadi. Dadi gets worried seeing him. She asks how is he here. She tells him that she came to meet Ishqi as she was feeling worried for her. She also tells him that she called the doctor to know about Ishqi’s condition but he didn’t tell her anything so she came here. Ahaan says thanks to Dadi and adds that she is really good always takes care of everyone.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

After saying all this, Dadi goes from there. Ishqi regains her consciousness. Ahaan asks if she is fine. He says sorry to her for not listening to her ever. He says that because of him, she got into this trouble. He asks why didn’t she tell him about Dadi. She says that she doesn’t have any proof and he would not have believed her without proof. Ahaan says now he will set everything right and says I Love You to her. The next morning, Dadi thinks if Ishqi comes to her senses or not. Sonu comes to the house with Raj and Sarla. Sarla says that she has kept puja for Sonu and her baby.

Dadi asks Karthik if Ahaan called him. Karthik says that Ahaan has come with Ishqi. Everyone gets happy seeing them and welcomes them. Sarla says why are they welcoming Ishqi like this. Ahaan then burns the divorce papers and says now everything is right. Chachi does their Aarti and asks them to enter the house. Savitri comes there. Dadi asks why is she here. Ahaan says that it’s Ishqi’s wish that their mother will attend this Puja. After puja, she will leave. Dadi looks at Ahaan. He also reveals that Savitri is not behind Ishqi’s condition. Sonu meets Savitri.

Dadi comes to Ahaan and says that he has to choose between her and Savitri. He says that they will talk about this later. While puja, Savitri makes Sonu understand to always stand for her children and never repeat the mistakes that she did in the past. Ahaan then says to Dadi that he is choosing his mother over her and now will stay with her only. Dadi gets shocked hearing Ahaan. She blames Savitri for all this.


Savitri also says that she will take her children to London where they will stay together. Dadi then reveals her truth herself. Everyone gets shocked. After that, everyone leaves the house and goes with Savitri. Dadi gets alone in the house. After some time, Dadi comes to see the family and sees them happy. Watch the upcoming episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony TV at 09:30 PM.

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