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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 19th May 2021, Written Update, Mayank’s Revenge, Misunderstanding Between Ahaan and Ishqi!


The episode starts with Ishqi as she says to the waiter that she wants to see the CCTV footage. He says to her that he has to take permission to the Manager. Does she ask him who is the manager? the waiter starts talking rudely to her but Mayank comes there and slaps him tightly. Ahaan is seeing all this and thinks it’s good that Mayank is there for Ishqi. Mayank console Ishqi and says they both will find that person. He asks her no to take stress for anything as he will take care of everything.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

After that, Mayank wonders that Ishqi doesn’t know anything about last night. He says but Sonu should remember everything. He sends a message to her with her pictures. In the message, he threatens her saying that the pictures can reach her in-laws. Sonu gets scared seeing all this and thinks that how she will face Ahaan and the families. Sonu thinks that her marriage will be broken. On the other hand, Ishqi is thinking about last. Karthik notices her and says that she must be thinking about yesterday. He goes to talk to her.

Karthik says to her that he is confused to select the movie and asks if she helps him. He tells her two movies Shaadi Ke Baad Pyaar and best friend ki Dulhan and asks her to choose. She says to him that she never heard the names of these movies. He asks her to choose one name. She says that Shaadi Ke Baad Pyaar is a good option. Karthik asks the reason. Ishqi says that she doesn’t know and moves from there. Ahaan and Raj talk to each other about Sonu. Raj says he doesn’t know from her last message. They leave to find her.

Mayank is waiting for Sonu’s reply. He sees elders and asks to make them show the pictures of functions. He starts setting up her laptop and says that will start when Ahaan and others will also come. Dadi says they will take time and asks him to show them pictures. On the other side, Ishqi sees Sonu on the railing and gets stunned. She asks her why he is standing there. Ishqi also stands there. She asks her to tell what’s the matter. Sonu tells her everything and also shows her the pictures.

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