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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 18th August 2021 full episode written update: Ishqi And Savitri Get Together For Special Celebration!


Today’s episode begins with Ahaan as he argues with Savitri. She shouts at him and says that today she will speak only. She says to him that he needs to change himself else everything will go wrong like always. She says that he still has a chance to improve her mistakes that he has done in the past and is going to do now as well. She adds that she thinks that he is her son but was wrong, he is only his Dadi’s grandson. Ahaan gets a call from Radhika and tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about Riya right now.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Radhika asks her to come and meet her. Ahaan goes there. Radhika says to him if he doesn’t want to do a paternity test. He says that he is ready for the child’s responsibility and tests will also happen. Riya says why is he so innocent as he doesn’t know the difference between lie and truth. Ahaan asks her to say clearly. Radhika asks her to go. Riya talks to Ahaan and says that she doesn’t want this test to happen. She then reveals that she is pregnant but now with his child. Everyone gets shocked.

Riya admits that she was lying and her mother is the one who made this plan so that she can get married to him. She says that what did she do when she cheated on her. She says that they both were together for 3 years but he didn’t marry her and fell for Ishqi. He did very wrong to her and she was alone and made a big mistake. She says that she did this so that her baby can get a good upbringing and all. She then added, but now she doesn’t want all this because she doesn’t want her baby will get a father like Ahaan who doesn’t know the difference between lie and truth.


She says that he ruined her life and now going to do the same with Ishqi. She asks her to understand the things that is happing around him. She asks him to thinks what is truth. Ahaan leaves the place. Ahaan gets to know about Sonu’s pregnancy at the home. Ahaan notices the same number on Dadi’s phone from which he gets missed calls. He asks Karthik to find the details of the number. They get to know that the number is of the same mental asylum where Dadi donates money. They both go there while Dadi is trying to kill Ishqi. Ahaan will rescue Ishqi from the asylum and also gets to know the truth of his Dadi. Don’t miss to watch the upcoming episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony TV at 09:30 PM.

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