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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 14 May 2021, Written Update, Sarla And Ishqi Fight, Ahaan Angry!


In the first scene of the episode you are going to see Sarla as she is shouting for Raj and Sonu and Raj both panic as they are talking to themselves stating that mom has reached here, he drops her a message in which he states that she needs to wait and she doesn’t need to come out in front of mom as Mayank is still looking on as he is calling out for Ahaan and states that he has heard Sarla’s voice.

Ishq par Zor Nahi

Ahaan is telling Mayank to go with Ishqi and escort her to her room to which he agrees and says that I’m going to leave her as she seems to be completelyy drunk, He further stated that if Sarla is going to find out about all of this then she is going to make a big drama out of all of thisĀ  and asks him to go to the poolside as Ahaan is trying to find Sonu and then he goes on to call Karthik and tells him that he is going to find Sarla as he instructs that he needs to go and find Raj and he also needs to be pretty sure that Sonu is all fine.

Mayank finally sees Sonu as Raj has gone to see Sarla as Sarla has started scolding him as she is showing him the picture and Karthik states that he needs to stay away from Raj as people are going to assume that he doesn’t have a social life to which Sarla replies that his over smartness is not going to work on her and Raj enters as she asks of her to go and check for Sonu if he is here as he shows the message of him stating that he has left for his room after Karthik gets happy.

In the next scene, you are going to see Ishqi asking Ahaan to give his hand to him as she is trying to remove her sandals as she has started stating that the sandals are pretty expensive and anyone can steal them if they get to know about them and self appreciated her by saying that she is very intelligent too which she replied that she was cracking jokes on Holiday as she pretty drunk

He asked her what did you drink that day which made her this much drunk to which she replied that she had taken 4 glasses for free as she thought she was drinking the juice as she is stating that she saved 100 rupees while she is all drunk and after she has started dancing and he says that she has had too much and she says that is he going to cancel our marriage or what.

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