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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 13 May 2021 full episode written update: Ahaan To Ishki’s Rescue Again


The episode begins with Ahaan is on a call with his brother and he gets to know that there might be a problem soon. Meanwhile, Ishiqi comes and she asks the question him “I want to know what had happened yesterday between both of us in that room.?” Ahaan gets stunned and he tells her that “we were fighting for AC remote, you were in high fever then I put cold strips on your head to bring down your temperature.”

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Then she asks him how my clothes were changed? Ahaan replies that “I had called managers wife and she used to change your clothes.” After this, she asked him about that mark on her wrist while Ahaan tells her that ” when I was about to leave from there you hold my hand and then my watch hurts you.” Ishiqi feels shy and regretful after knowing the truth. She is feeling sorry for Ahaan as she has been doubted him. Later Ahaan explains to her the meaning of English words that she misunderstood and says I can’t speak this good English hence I’m not aware of this word.

On the other side, we will see that Mayank is waiting for Ahaans reply and Ishiqi comes there and tells him to pass her a bag. He is getting panicking waiting for Ahaan’s reply. Later we will see that everyone while entering the hotel notices the footprints and they use to follow them. While they reach the decision that these are due to the ghost and there is a ghost in this hotel. Then Ahaan makes everyone calm and he says it’s because of ghosts it might something else. As per the FB it was all done by Sunita intentionally so that she can let everyone know her location.

Hence Ahaan notices that it’s Katchup and he calls the hotel manager to clean this. After this Ahaan received a message from Ishai in which she is requesting him to let Sonu and him attend the last party. On the other hand, Sunita sees Ahaan and she gets emotional seeing him while he is talking to her fiance. He uses to taunt her mother which is overheated by Sunita and she gets badly hurt. Whereas we will see that Mayank is planning to fetch Sonu at the party. The episode ends here.

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