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Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 11th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Ishqi accepts Singapore Job Offer!


Today’s episode commences with Ishqi as she is trying to gain consciousness. Dadi sees Ishq so thinks to do something so that she stays away from Ahaan. Rhea’s mom gives juice to her and also taunts her saying she is resting and Ahaan is with Ishqi. Rhea says if Ahaan left her then. Chachi calms Dadi down by giving her tea. Ahaan awakes and asks Ishqi if she is fine. Ishqi nods yes. Ishqi asks him to forget the past. She says that she is happy that her marriage broke with  Mayank and Sonu is also safe. Ahaan sees that Ishqi is still worrying about Sonu.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Ishqi asks why is he crying. He says that he is angry at himself as she did so much for his family and he gave so much to her. Later, everyone comes there to see Ishqi. Karthik says that she is a fighter. Sonu goes to her and asks her if she is okay. Ishqi asks Raj to make a promise that he won’t be from Sonu because of all this. The doctor comes and asks them to leave. Ahaan is in the garden when Karthik comes to him and says that everything has sorted in a positive way. Karthik asks Ahaan to grab this chance.

On the other hand, Dadi goes to Ishqi and asks her what is she trying to do. She says to her that she needs to forget Ahaan as she is wrong if she is thinking that she has any future with Ahaan. Ishqi says to her that she is getting everything in the wrong way. She says okay then but still she has to leave. Dadi says she will provide her a good job. She goes. Here, Karthik is trying to convince Ahaan to confess her feelings to her. He says that Love is not wrong.

Later, Rhea comes to Ishqi and asks if she is right. She says to her that now she can get a better job. She says that her father has a company in Singapore so she can arrange her job there. Ishqi apologizes to her and says if you feel uncomfortable ever because of me. She says it is not like that. She goes. There, Dadi stops Raj when he was about to go to lodge an FIR against Mayank. She asks her to think about his mother. She pleads with him and Raj stops for her. Maasi says thanks to Ahaan for everything.

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