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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 10th June 2021 full episode written update: Dadi Warns Ishqi To Stay Away From Ahaan!


Today’s episode starts with Ahaan as he comes to Mayank and Ishqi. Seeing Ahaan, Mayank starts pretending that Ishqi is troubling him. Ahaan goes and hugs Ishqi. He apologizes to her and says to her that she need not tolerate anything. Ahaan and Mayank fights. Ahaan asks Ishqi to keep her eyes close. She does. Ahaan beats Mayank saying whatever he did with Ishqi and Sonu. Ahaan makes him fall on the floor and goes to Ishqi. On the other hand, Mayank holds a stick to attack Ahaan but Ishqi pushes him aside and she gets injured. Ahaan catches her in his arms and immediately takes her to the resort clinic.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

The doctor says that she will be okay soon and will come to her senses in some time. Ahaan calls her a fighter. He recalls Ishqi’s words. He thinks how Ishqi protected her sister and listens to the taunts without any fault. Dadi comes and questions what’s the matter. Maasi also asks about Ishqi. The manager takes her to her. Sonu enters and asks about Ishqi. Ahaan comes to her and says that he wants to talk to her. Karthik asks about Ishqi and her injury. Raj comes there and asks what happened to Ishqi, Karthik tells him that Ahaan is one who knows about it.

Here, Sonu is telling the whole truth to Ahaan that how she tried to kill herself and Ishqi stopped her. She apologizes to him for not listening to him that night. He says that why is she saying Sorry. Mayank is the one who is wrong. Raj and Karthik come there and learns everything. Ahaan tells them everything. Raj hugs Sonu and asks why didn’t he tell him. She says she was afraid of his mother if she broke the marriage. Ahaan asks why didn’t he tell him. She says that she thought he would blame her for all this.

After that, Ahaan goes to find out about Mayank to teach him a lesson but Dadi stops him saying that Sonu’s marriage can break after this. She gives her sake to him. He cries. Ahaan goes to Ishqi and broke down. He cries saying that she has handled everything alone. He says that she always knows what should do. He tells Ishqi about Dadi’s words. He holds her hand and gets emotional. Rhea gets shocked seeing her sonography report. Karthik and Raj are trying to find Mayank. Dadi sees Ahaan near Ishqi and thinks about how she makes Ahaan away from Ishqi. Watch the episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony Tv at 09:30 PM.

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