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Ishq Par Zor Nahi Written Update 11th May 2021: Ishki and Ahaan Relationships Announcement!


In the first scene of the episode, you are going to see Riya and Sonu having a conversation Riya is asking him to talk with Ahaan about the marriage to which she agrees as in the next scene she tells Ishqi that it’s morning to wake her up after which she woke up and she gets a big shock as she sees Ahaan lying on the bed with her as she started panicking and is trying to figure out who did her clothes changed as she is giving a try to recall what happened earlier.

Ishq par Zor Nahi

In all of this, he woke up as she starts to act as if she is sleeping and he goes to check his temperature and after that, he enters the washroom as she keeps on thinking that has he done something and starts checking his phone as she realizes that there has been no reply from Mayank and she kept on wondering about what happened between her and Ahaan and prays that nothing happened between them after which she notices a mark that is on her hand as she panics and tries to recall about how this mark got on her hand.

In the next scene, you are going to see Sonu as he is trying to enter the washroom but it is locked as Savitri is already using the washroom and is inside as he is calling for help to which Savitri is thinking that she should have hidden before as she is worried if Dadi will find out about this then she is going to be in trouble as Ahaan is getting freshen up Ishqi is looking at him to which he smiles and she started thinking that why is he smiling as he has always kept a sad face in front of her and he is asking her about how is she feeling now and is everything good with her lately to which she replies that.

She wants to know the reason for his smile and he says that he has realized that he committed a mistake and then she asks her about the mistake that he is talking about to which he replies that does she really feel like knowing about the mistake as he receives a call from someone as he goes out to talk to that person as she is worried for him and Sonu is thanking all of the staff, Savitri is still hiding as she sees Sonu and starts smiling as Raj is asking them if they have talked with Ahaan as Kartik and Riya are showing the same message that they have received as she tells everyone that she needs to talk to Ahaan right now.

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