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Ishq Par Zor Nahi Today’s Episode 5th May 2021 Written Update: Ahan & Ishqi Visit Massi In Hospital


The episode commences with the grandmother as she says that she will go alone. Kartik says that he will go with her, they both leave from there and Ahaan also. Sonu says that she will be alone when uncle and aunty will go to attend the meeting. Mayank sees everything and sees Sonu was saying that if she was in Ishqi’s place, she would slap him, he will see how will she slap him. Uncle and aunty move from there.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

On the other hand, Dadi is thinking about how she sends Karthik back. Dadi tells Kartik that her friend is in Chanakyapuri. Ishi gives juice to her Massi and says she is going to see a new flat and receive a call from the agent. She says to Maasi that today she will confirm the deal. Dadi says to Karthik that her friend has gone to the hospital so she has to meet her. Karthik asks which hospital. She says she will go on her own and asks him to check if wedding dresses are ready. Karthik feels weird about Dad’s behavior.

After that, Ishqi sees a new flat which Agent shows her. Agent says to her that the owner is charging a high amount for this flat. Ishqi asks her to reduce the charges but he refuses. Ishqi begs him to understand her problem. Ahaan sees all this. The agent goes from there. Ishqi starts crying. Ahaan comes there and asks what’s the matter? Ishqi tells her everything about how Massi got stitches on her head. Ahaan and Ishqi go from there to meet Massi. They both go together.

On the other side, Dadi tries to search for Savitri and scolds the doctor for not finding her soon. Dadi hides when she sees Ahaan there but she doesn’t see Ishqi with her. Ahaan and Ishqi comes to Maasi. Ahaan says to her that he learned everything. Maasi thinks that Ishqi told him about her Mosaji but gets relief when Ishqi says that he told him about the leakage of the roof. Ahaan goes from there but they both get into a fight when he says to her that if they stay with a man then they don’t have to face this problem. Dadi finds Savitri but she runs away. Ahaan gets stunned to see Dadi there.

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