Here we are with a written episode update of “Ishq Par Zor Nahi” on 4th May 2021. The episode begins with Ishqi use to dry in front of mosrrioir while she is washing her face. She thinks to be strong and calm herself. On the other side, we will see that Ritu use to call doctors and him about the health of her daughter in law and she gets tensed. She tells the doctor to not let anybody meets her.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

Later we will see that Ishqi is sitting near to her and says “please get well soon and keep on crying.” Meanwhile, she gets a call from a real; state company and tells me that I need a home as soon as it is possible. She needs a new house for the sake of her Aunt. Ahaan gets a message from Ishiqi and he thinks that she isn’t interested to talk and ignores her message. Later Ishiqi that to message Mayank but she stops herself to message him.

When she is replying to Ahaan, her Messi’s condition becoming worst and doctors tell her that they have to take her for the surgery. Ishiqu gets so tensed and she prays for her Messi’s recovery. Where Savitri manages to run from a hospital and she reaches Preeyo’s room and tries to choke her neck and says I will going to take revenge on you as you keep me away from my children how you dare to do this to me but it is a dream which is airing Preeto, she suddenly walked up and use to breathe deeply.

After this, we will go to witness that Ahaan is checking pictures on his laptop and he wonders about Ishiqi. He uses to remember the beautiful moments of him and Ishiqi. On the other hand, Ishoqi is upset and she trying her best to save the life of her Massi. She leaves to meet the doctor and requests him to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, we will see that Ahaan wakes up and he has intentions that Ishiqi is in trouble.

The doctor tells Ishiqi that her Massi is absolutely fine and Ishqi use to thank god. Ahaan reaches into her grandmother’s room and he sees that she isn’t in her room. While we will see that she tells the doctor to bring back Savitri at any cost else her life might get destroy if Savitri manages to run from the hospital. The episode ends here.


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