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Ishq par Zor Nahi 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi to get pregnant!


The episode begins with Ahaan and Ishqi is in trouble and they both need space but it’s not easy to get the room hence they plan to behave like a married couple and Ishiqu wears a fake womb and they acted like she is pregnant and needs a room.

Ishq par Zor Nahi

Later we will see that Ahaan’s girlfriend enter a hotel along with Ahaan’s siblings and she says that “I’m worried for Ishiqi as she is with Ahaan and they both use to fight a lot and it will be difficult for her to handle Ahaan’s reaction and aggressive nature.” On the other side, Raj says, “look at Mayank he doesn’t even worried about Ishiqi.” While Ahaan and Ishqi get romantic and a song plays. Both looked at each other with love.

After this, we will see that they leave the hotel to catch the train. Ishiqi tells Ahaan to stop the car ads she needs to use to the washroom. Ahaan tells her not to delay and hurry up. Ishiqi says “I neer take too much time hence will be here in just five minutes.”. She leaves from there. When tries to open the lock of the washroom from inside she finds that it locked from outside, then she gets panic and tries her best to open the gate, but even after attempting so many time she is still couldn’t open the gate.

She even yells for help but no one has come there. Then she decided to break the lock and when she is about to do so the gate opens and Ahaan is there. He uses to fall on her and they have been lost in each other’s eyes. Ahaan reaches there as Ishiqi was so late and he is waiting for her for a long. When they are close a romantic song plays and uses to feel each other. Now the question will they are going to express their feelings to each other is viewers have to wait for this moment. To watch what will be going to happen next, watch the full episode on Sony Tv.

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