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Ishq Par Zor Nahi, 3rd May 2021, Written Update, New Twist and Spoilers


We are back with another written update of the daily soap “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on 3rd May 2021. The show is quite interesting to watch and the story is going well, the new twists and turns are highly liked by the audiences. A lot of ups and downs are currently featuring in the life of Ishqi and she is facing a lot of troubles. Let’s see what new trouble is arriving in the life of Ishqi and how she is going to tackle the situation. Begin with the update of the episode, in the promo, we can see that Ishqi is crying and trying to console herself.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

She talks to herself and says whatever you have to do you yourself need to do and I need to find another place for Massi now, today, and right now and then she keeps crying. After consoling herself, she went out of the washroom and keeps praying from God please correct everything. When she roaming in the corridor of the hospital and praying for God she heard the voice of Dadi who is asking the nurse I want to meet a patient who is recently taken away from the mental hospital and admitted.

Ishqi gets to stop and thinks this voice is very similar to hear but without looking back she gets out from the hospital. On the other side, Ahaan enters the room of Dadi and calling her and says I am really sorry to disturb you but can you please he stops and see Dadi is not inside her room and thinks where she has gone. He starts thinking that at this time where she can go. On the other side, Dadi is angry at the hospital doctor and nurse and says Is she is a coin who gets lost so easily and you didn’t tie her.

Then she says to Doctor what have you been doing for so many days, you have not given him injections on time. Doctor and the nurse bow head down. Dadi further added it means her mental health is good and she is completely fine. Doctor trying to say something but Dadi shouts at him and says nothing has happened because if she got someone before us, then it would be a lot going to happen. Within two days my grandson has his married and if she reaches home then what will happen to me and if people will know that she was bound for so many years then what is going to happen with you, you can’t even imagine. So it’s better to find her soon as you guys can. The episode ends here to know the next update just stay tuned with us and we will back soon till then enjoy the episode on the Sony channel at 10 PM.

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