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Ishq Par Zor Nahi, 16th April 2021, Written Update, Drunked Ahaan Rings Ishqi


We have come with the written update of the Sony Tv serial named “Ishq Par Zor Nahin”. The episode begins with Ishqi as she goes to Ahaan for asking questions about his strange behavior. She asks him what’s the matter? Why is he behaving so strange? she says to him that she saw him taking some pills yesterday. Ahaan tells her that he is very guilty for questioning her upbringing. He says he didn’t know that they are dead. She says to him that she doesn’t want any sympathy and all. He asks about her problem saying He is apologizing to her and she is giving him an attitude.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

She says that it’s good if he realizes his mistake and feels guilty but it will be bad if he is sorry for giving her sympathy. Ahaan says he really feels very guilty. She says to him that it is not right if anyone goes someone’s upbringing whether their parents are alive or not. She says she always supports the truth because it’s her values. He says he learned that she loves the Holi festival that’s why he arrange all this for her and says he hopes he liked it. On this, Ishqi says why you did this and she doesn’t need any sympathy or charity from anyone.

Later, Mayak mixes something in a drink. Dadi gives her blessings to the Jodis of Raj and Sonu, Mayank, and Ishqi. Massi feels happy thinking that Ishqi’s wedding is happening on such a big scale. Everyone praises Mayak and Raj. Mayank says to Sonu that he is going to build obstacles in her marriage as she rejected him. At the Holi party, everyone applies colors to each other’s faces. Everyone enjoys Holi drinking Thandai. Mayank spiked Thandai and Ahaan drink it by mistake. He starts murmuring and feels uneasy. Sarla decides to play Antakshri and record it.

In the next scene, everyone will be seen discussing coming daughters-in-law. Ginni says everyone is thinking if new members break the house. Ishqi comes there and asks there is nothing to worry about. Ishqi says that she will prepare tasty food for Suman and they will have food together. Massi says such a girl who cares for family and its happiness. Ishqi leaves from there to get drinks. Karthik comes to Ahaan but he says to him to go from there. He says to Karthik that Ishqi is so irritating, his blood keeps high just because of her.

Karthik tries to sit Ahaan peacefully. Ahaan keeps saying Ishq. Karthik asks him if he loves someone. Karthik asks are you drunk? Ahaan unable to control himself. Karthik calls Ishqi and says to her that come fast to him. On the other hand, Sarla says that only an inappropriate girl’s presence breaks the house. Raj comes there and says why they are discussing this topic. Ishqi goes to Ahaan sees his condition and reminisces about when he was taking some pills. Watch the episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony Tv at 09:30 PM. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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