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Ishq Par Zor Nahi, 14th April 2021, Written Update, Ahaan, And Ishqi Fight


Today we are sharing the details of the upcoming episode of the daily soap “Ishk Par Zor Nahi” on 14th April 2021. The show is highly viewed by the audience and they are liking the storyline and the show trying to make their way to the top list of the TRP rating. The story of the show is featuring the love story of Ahaan Veer Malhotra and Ishqi and the audience loves to watch their cute love story. So without wasting further time let’s begin with the update of the upcoming episode. The episode begins with Ahaan who is recalling the words he says to Ishqi and he feels culpable.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

Ahaan says to the Maasi that he seriously does not know anything about her parents and she says it is very difficult for anybody to get grown up without a mother. On the other side, Ishqi receives a call from work, and then she left for signing the papers. When she returns from the work she finds Ahaan and asks him to keep the money safe. She says you can say anything to me but I will not say anything to you as my parents taught me to say sorry and I am not like who says anything about anyone upbringing.

she continues to say that if there is any problem in this marriage you can penalize for it and this is my sacraments and then she asks him to leave. Ahan goes from there and Massi brings a beverage for him but he sees no one is there and then Ishqi says he needs to complete some work so that’s why he leaves to complete that work. Massi says I want to talk to him and wants to say thank you and Ishqi says will drop her message to him. Massi says your parent’s blessings with you and they have pride in you.

Ishqi says she is missing her parents and hug her Massi and start crying. Ahaan looks at her and feels very bad and he collides the car. He feels that he behaved in the same manner as Ishqi which he was gone through in his childhood. Raj goes to meet with Sonu and she says she wants to share something. The episode ends with this amazing drama to know more about the show do not forget to watch it on the Television at 9:other 30 PM and read our other articles on our website.

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