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Ishq Par Zor Nahi, 12th May 2021, Written Update, Ishqi Surprises Ahaan With Her Bold Avatar!


The episode starts with Ahaan as he tells everyone that Rhea and he will not attend the party as they have another plan. Ahaan says that Sonu won’t go to the party because her mehndi ritual has been done so she can’t outside anywhere. Mayank gets shocked to hear him. Ahaan says Dadi and Sarla won’t give permission to her. Ahaan says Sarla and Dadi won’t agree due to the ritual. Mayank also agrees with Ahaan and says Sonu should rest for a while.

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

Ishq Par Zor Nahi

Everyone leaves from there. Kartik goes to Ahaan and says he wants to talk to him. Ahaan says he is not gonna change his mind so don’t try to do it. He says to him that he wants to have a conversation about Ishqi. He says to him that he wants to know that how he always there when Ishqi needs any help. Kartik reminds him of several incidents. Ahaan says she was looking upset at the sangeet ceremony so he messages her. He says what is he getting her problem, she is going to marry Mayank not him. Ahaan recalls when Ishq said to her the same thing.

Kartik tries to make him understand that he has feelings for Ishqi but Ahaan doesn’t listen to him and says he is getting things in the wrong way. He asks him to realize the love for Ishqi as soon she will get married to Mayank and then he can’t do anything. Ahaan says that he will also announce her wedding with Rhea soon and leaves from there. Kartik says when will he realize her love for Ishqi. After that, Mayank goes to talk to Ishqi in her room and asks if she is fine. Mayank says to her that what’s her opinion on Sonu’s attending party. She says to her that she is with Ahaan’s decision.

Mayank still tries to make her understand and convince her. She agrees and says she will talk to Ahaan about this. Mayak messages Ahaan from Ishqi’s phone. Rhea and Ahana have a conversation about the party. Raj sees someone’s feet marks on the floor and says there is a ghost definitely. Rhea asks Ahaan to give permission to Sonu as she is very upset but Ahaan refuses. Everyone gets dressed up for the party. Sonu also attends the party without the knowledge of Ahaan. They enjoy the party and make fun of Ahaan saying why he doesn’t attend the party.

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