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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update Jan 19 Episode: Why Vansh to burn Riddhima Car?

We are back with the written update of the colors TV show “Ishq Me Marjaava”. In the upcoming episode, you will see Vansh and Ridhima together soon. Soon the drama of separating Vansh and Ridhima will end. Vansh will ask Ridhima to prove her love for him. He asks Ridhima to kill Kabir if he loves him. Soon Aahana will be exposed in front of everyone. Ridhima says to Vansh that I will prove my love for you. Vansh says then why are you here, go prove your love.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Kabir gets a call and leave. Ridhima hides the gun in her saree and goes out to kill Kabir. Vansh is keeping an eye on her to see to what extent she can go for her love. Ridhima reminds Vansh words and says I will kill Kabir to prove my love then I will kill myself also. She goes and points the gun towards Kabir. He becomes shocked when he turns. Aahana on the other hand is double-crossing Vansh. she hs already warned Kabir to kill Ridhima before she kills him. inside the house, Pandit asks everyone to stand yup for aarti. Vansh is thinking that he knows, he is not making Ridhima doing the right thing but still, he have to do this.

on the other hand, Kabir is trying to make Ridhima understand to drop the gun. Ridhima says we met by fate and you sent me at Vansh house as a spy.  she says because of you Vansh and my relationship is in trouble. Kabir says enough, you did everything with your own wish, I never forced you to do anything. Kabir says you cheated vansh, you could have refused for marriage with vansh, but no you did it. I never took your love test unlike him.

Vansh, see Kabir falling down on the floor with blood drops. he runs towards him. Kabir laughs and gets up. He says on can never forget his first love. she can never kill me. He says I wanted to see happiness vanishing from your face that’s why I acted to die. you will never get someone’s love. First, your mom leaves you then Ragini and now ridhima. You got cheated by every special woman of your life. Vansh shouts “No”. He says you have just seen my love now you will see my revenge. I will write the other chapter of the story. Here the episode ends. stay tuned for more updates.

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