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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update 15th January 2021 Episode: Upcoming Twist Spoiler Alert


We are back with the written update of today’s episode of Ishq me Marjaava. Today ridhima will visit the hotel and ask the manager to show the CCTV footage but she doesn’t see vansh in the footage. She says to the manager that you are lying. To clear the due bill ridhima gives them her bangles. In order to find Vansh ridhima decides to go to Mumbai. Kabir thinks that ridhima must be thinking that all problems are finished but she doesn’t know what twist and turns are about to come in her life. Kabir says he will take revenge for her mom’s insult.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update

On the other hand, ridhima is worried fro vansh. She wishes to the goddess for vansh wellness. Suddenly a truck hit her and she falls aside. Ridhima is trying to take the lift from any vehicles in order to reach home fast. A truck stops and says you need to go to the hospital but ridhima says I want to reach home as soon as possible. The truck driver allows her to sit at the back and offer her a shawl. She is continuously for vansh wellness.

At home, Vansh has called for a press conference. where he announces that he wants to tell something very personal about his life. He says today I will introduce you to my wife. Media become really shocked and start questioning about his wife like when didi you get married? who is your wife? why didn’t you introduced her till now? and so on. Just then Kabir enters the party and says won’t you introduce your brother, oh stepbrother. Then Kabir gives his introduction to the media and tells them that their father married two times and I am the son of his second wife. After all this Kabir says we are a happy family and both of them pose for the picture.

Reporters ask Vansh why he didn’t tell everyone about his married till now. He replies that amid covid I didn’t want to break the guidelines and rules by arranging a big gathering. Ridhima enters the house and sees the preparation. she says that she needs to tell everything to dadi. Vansh, see ridhima at the entrance.  Ridhima is thinking about what is happening here.

Vansh turns and calls Ahana his wife. Ridhima says aloud and says vansh is lying, I am his wife. Vansh says what rubbish are you talking about, I don’t even recognize you. She says you left me in the hotel room, we visited kuldevi’s temple. This is it for today’s episode. stay tuned for more updates.

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