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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Episode 18 January 2021: Ridhima’s Questioned On Vansh Love


We are back with the written update of your favourite serial “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2”. In today’s episode again Ridhima’s love will be questioned. Vansh says I always trusted you and love you but you betrayed me. Ridhima asks vansh to trust her as she loves him very much. But in between Kabir try to create misunderstanding and says if you love him then why you didn’t shoot. Vansh, ask Kabir to be quite. Ridhima says I couldn’t kill someone, neither you nor someone else. Kabir is continuously provoking vansh by saying that you are born to lose.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Vansh Shutup Kabir. And says you are your mom’s son. You didn’t face any betrayal from your own family. Vansh, ask Kabir to him leave. Kabir says I also have the right to leave in this home. Vansh says to see the nameplate of the house it says vansh mension. so I will decide who will stay and who will leave. Vansh, ask Kabir to thank god as he living vansh mansion alive. Ridhima asks vansh to listen. Before going Kabir says I will come back. Vansh, ask ridhima to leave him alone. But ridhima says I will try till my last breath to make our relationship better.

Aahana says to Kabir that,t I am also coming with you. But Kabir asks Aahana to stay inside the home as he will come back. Vansh is cutting wood logs in anger. Ridhima comes and asks him to eat food. But vansh says I don’t want to eat. Ridhima says don’t get angry on food. Ridhima sits in his lap and says I won’t get up until you eat food. Vansh agrees and starts eating chillies. ridhima says don’t eat them but vansh says chillies are less painful than your fake love. Ridhima also joins vansh and cries.

Dadi gives ridhima an idea to take vansh kuldevi temple to calm vansh. Ridhima brings water and sugar for vansh to relieve the spiciness. Ridhima says everybody deserves one forgiveness. Please give one more chance to our relation, and now Kabir is also out of this house. Cant, we make a new start his hand Vansh stands up and move but ridhima holds his hand. Vansh says he has some old memories connected with that temple. ridhima says then it can be a new start. Vansh agrees to go. Ridhima hugs Dadi and both of them make a move. This is it for today’s episode. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

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