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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Today’s 23 April 2021 Written Episode Update: Vansh Arrange Gift For Riddhima!


In the first scene of the episode, Vansh is seeing stating that he only has 12 hours and after that, he faints down, on the other hand, Vyom has locked up Riddhima and started beating up Angre to which Riddhima replied that she will do anything but he needs to stop beating Angre, Vyom paused for a second and asks her again that does she really means what she said just now and then Angre tells him to shut his stupid mouth.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Vyom started beating him up again and tells him to call Vansh so that he can get some help and Riddhima again started saying that she’ll do anything but he needs to stop beating him up, Riddhima says that she’ll get him the black box to which Vyom replied that Vansh is already getting it for him, her eyes caught the antidote that is in Vyom’s bracelet and she started shouting that this wasn’t the part of their deal that they decided, she tells Angre to listen to her after which Vyom locks her up again and then leaves.

Vansh comes to the location and sees Riddhima unconscious and tries to wake her up to which she mumbled to him to give his hand and she moved back to which he replied that why is she moving away to which she replied that I’m calling you here and he says that he cant get up but she is providing him with courage and he finally made it to her as she gives him the antidote and he got up and tells Riddhima that he is coming to save them.

Dadi asks him if everything is fine or not to which he replies that he is going to die but she doesn’t need to worry as he won’t let the empire fall down to which she replied that she is worried about him not the empire and she further stated that she is calling the doctor but he said that no need for that because he needs to go and save Riddhima and Angre and tells her that he is leaving and tells her he just wants her blessing.


She started crying and he says that he probably will die today but no matter what happens he is going to save the baby, Vansh reaches there meets Vyom and he immediately asks him that where are Riddhima and Angre to which Vyom replied that first he requires the black box as Vansh tries to hit him and Vyom started teasing him and he further asks him to stop this nonsense and get him the black box that he wants and save Riddhima and Angre.

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