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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (IMM2) Written Update 4th May 2021 full episode: Ridhima saves Vansh life


In the first scene of the episode you are going to see Vansh’s pic checked out by Sara, the room service guy comes in and has spilled the juice on the bathrobe as he immediately apologizes and starts cleaning up the floor and he then goes after which she says that she should have killed him and also says that she has to kill Vansh anyhow as she loves the color of blood, red and says that she is going to kill him by the string as she will paralyze him by using the poison of black mamba.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Angre goes on to check the cupboard to which Dadi replies that she has kept the black box here and Angre asks then where has it gone away to which Dadi replies that what is she going to say to Vansh as she says that her BP is getting higher to which Angre says that she needs to relax and asks her that if she has a doubt on someone to which she replies that everyone is a family and he asks that who has come here asking about the room service girl to which she says yes further sating that she doesn’t know the password of the safe, only she knows it as they start getting worried and he leaves.

Riddhima is looking for Vansh and asks him about his whereabouts to which he says that he has no idea where is he as she asks him to let her know where he is as she tells him to find him as she is feeling tensed and worried and her ring falls down as Sara is coming out of the pool with a ring in her hand and Riddhima gets shocked after seeing the ring in her hand and Sara gives it to her stating that she has found this ring as Riddhima asks her to leave to which she replies that her work is completed here.

Riddhima states that she is not going let anything happen to Vansh to which Sara asks that has he answered her call to which she replies that he has not answered her call yet but he will and she is going to find him no matter what as she says that dead people don’t talk to which she tells her to shut up and coveys to her that she is going to find her Vansh.

She goes to his room and sees a towel full of blood and also a blood-stained knife and Sara comes in and says that it is someone’s blood as she went on to say that she doesn’t need to worry at all as she has given him a painful death.


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