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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (IMM2) Today’s Episode Written Update 17th May 2021: Helly & Rrahul Leave Goa


Here we are with a written episode update of “Ishq Mein Marjawa” on 17th May 2021. In the upcoming episode, we will be going to see something really interesting and positive in the life of Vansh and Radhika. Both are going to be happy in the forthcoming tracks. Here is one more conformed; update that Sras’s secret related to Ridhma is going to unfold soon. While the audience going to know the reason behind why Sara wants to kill  Ridhima.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Other than this we will be going to see that someone will be going attempt to take Ridhima’s life. Whereas let us inform you that Vansh will be going to be angry with Ridhima and he is in shock also as he got to know Ridhimas truth and the six-hour jungle secret. He never expected anything from Ridhima that nay does this for him as this was really risky for her. Even her life was at risk and she might die also.

Here what Vansh got to know about that secret. Ridha made a deal with Vyom that she will go to file all the priorities and business-related assets in the name of Vyaom if he doesn’t cause any harm to Vansh and their child. This deal was risky and for this, she could even lose her life. As we all know, Vyom is a clever man who can do anything to take revenge on Vansh. Later the truth creates a heated argument between them and Vansh tells Rodjima that she has been lost his trust in him. “I’ will not be going to trust you anymore as I never expected this from you,”

Whereas Ridhima tries her best to make him understand that she has to do this for the sake of their child and to save home from the Vyom’s plans as he wanted to kill him and she can’t live would him. While there was no other way to stop Vyom. She says what she felt is right she did that. Bur Vasj is in aggressive mode and he isn’t ready to listen to her at any cost. Later they used to get injured and apply for medicine on each other injury.

After this Ridhima tells Vyom that “I want you to leave that underworld jb and let’s live a normal, simple and happy life together pas we some are going to become a parent’s. Thus o don’t want to let our child face the problems in his life due to us. The episode ends here.

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