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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 7th July 2021, Written Update, Vansh Smells Something Fishy!


We have brought the written update of “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” that streaming on Vootselect. As we all know that the show is come to its and has shot its last episode that is scheduled to be streamed today. So, today’s episode is going to start with Ridhima as she says to Sia how can Vansh hates a very special day of his life. Sia is about to go making an excuse. Ridhima asks her to stop and asks the reason why Vansh doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday and when his birthday comes. Sia tells her that tomorrow is Vansh’s birthday.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Sia pleads her not to wish him on birthday and also don’t tell anyone that she told her Vansh’s birthday. Ridhima wonders why Vansh hates his birthday. Then Ridhima goes to that closed room bringing a cake. Vansh takes her name and asks why is she following him. She says that she is not following him but came with a cake to celebrate his birthday. Vansh gets angry hearing her and throws the cake. She asks why he hates his birthday and also about the closed room. She asks him not to get angry at her. She adds that she wants to know the reason and also wants to share his pain. He agrees and takes her inside.

Ridhima asks him from whom this room belongs. Vansh says that the room belongs to his dad where he kept all his belongings and memories safely. Ridhima asks what happened to Dad. He tells her that his dad left the world on his birthday which shocks her. He tells that he was killed by someone when he went to made a deal. He says that since then he was searching for his dad’s murderer. He says that he wants to be with him so he comes here to spend some time. Ridhima feels sorry for him. Vansh goes. Here, Dadi decides to reveal the truth to Vansh so takes out that black box. Vyom tries to stop her but Dadi doesn’t listen to him.

She says that It is Vansh’s right to know the truth. Vyom says that Vansh can’t get to know the truth. Meanwhile, Vanshi comes there and which truth he can’t get to know. Then Vyom tells him that he is the one who killed her dad but at Dadi’s request. Ridhima and Vansh get shocked to hear about this. Vyon tells him that this black box is containing all proof including Dadi’s video and audio recording. After that, Dadi reveals the remaining truth. She tells Vansh that she asked Vyom to kill Ajay because she was very angry with him at that time and the reason is that the deal, Ajay was going to make, was dangerous for him.

After that, She tells that she tried to stop Vyom but she didn’t stop because he wanted to take revenge on him as he thought Vansh killed his family. Vansh points his gun at Vansh and shot him but Dadi takes that bullet on her. Ridhima and Vansh get shocked and shout Dadi. Then Vansh shot Vyom. Dadi apologizes to Vansh and dies. Later, it was shown that Angre transfers his whole VR empire on Angre’s with Sia and Ishani’s responsibilities. Vansh and Ridhima leave the city to start their small world with their children. Don’t forget to watch the last and the most happening episode of “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” only on Vootselect.

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