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Ishq Main Marjawa Season 2 Latest Episode Update 29th April 2021: Vyom can’t trap Vansh


Grab all the written episode updates of your favorite serial “Ishq Main Marjawa Season 2”. The show is at its sneak peek and it’s getting more appealing as the story is filled with lots of suspense. While this supposed is to make the viewers more execute and crazy to keep engaged with the serial. They are curious to know about the main culprit.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

While we will go to see that Vyon is playing a smart game and he is convincing everyone to become a part of his team, indirectly Why is he doing all this. Even he has been trapped Ridhima in his plan by showing her love and concerns and Ridhima also falls in his love. Along with Ridhima, he takes Dadi, Siya, and Aryan in his circle. He did this so he can take revenge on his enemy Vansh. His plan is to register Vansh’s property and business in his name.

While on the other side all the family members aren’t aware of his truth and they think that Vyom is a nice person but he is trying to be nice. Vyom knows that Vansh’s priority and his strength is his family hence he first targeted them to give a way to his plan. Vyom is cleverly conveniences his Vansh family and made them his fan, as they thought that he is the nicest person. And Vyom also playing with Ridhima’s feelings. He knows very well that emotions are the weakest point of any person and him sure to taking advantage of the feelings of others.

Now one by one he is double-crossing all the members of the VR family. He is also planning against Riyansh, we can say he is smarter than the VR family. But let us tell you that Vyom can’t trap Vansh in his plans as his truth will going to be revealed soon. Well, we know that there ‘isn’t any unity in the VR family hence, this is an advantage for Vyom and he is easily executing his plan one by one. Whereas Vansh has been becoming a victim because of his family who didn’t even give a shit about him. The episode will be going to be jammed up with lots of twists and turns. Watch it on Colors tV.

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