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Ishq Par Zor Nahi, 13th April 2021, Written Update, Some Khatta Meetha Rift!


Here we are back with the written update of the Sony TV serial named “Ishq Par Zor Nahi”. The episode begins with Ahaan as he is thinking about his whole, What would happen and says he did wrong to believe in her. On the other side, Ishqi about what happened and wonders what if Ahaan was not there something big would happen. After that, she recalls all of Ahaan’s mistakes that how he insults her she check out the love list. She says however Ahaan helped her but after that, he insults her also.

Ishk Par Zor Nahi

She gets confused about Ahaan’s behavior and what type of person Ahaan is. At Ahaan’s home, he is drinking beer. Kartik and Sonu come to his house. They notice that Ahaan is thinking something so deeply. They try to tell him something but he was lost in his own thoughts. Sonu takes Ishqi’s name and Ahaan sees them. After that, they pretend that they are talking about Ishqi. Ahaan gets angry at Kartik for talking non-sense about Sarla. Sonu stops Ahaan and asks him to calm down. Sonu informs Ahaan that Ishqi’s office boy saves their reputation.


On the other side, Ishqi how Ahaan can be according to her love list. Ahaan thinks Ishqi can’t match his love list. Kartik questions Ahaan about his list. Ahaan says that he can’t believe that any girl keeps her family first on her priority list. Kartik says Ishqi is the one who can do this. The next day, Sonu goes to Mayank to check if he is fine or not but stops herself. After that, she thinks that Mayank has apologized to him for his mistake.

Then she goes to him and asks about his condition. She says he is fine but maybe Ishqi disturbed. Ishqi comes to Ahaan’s house and he came outside to attend a call. He notices Ishqi and asks why she came here. Ishqi says that she learned how you get the ring and says she came here to pay for that ring. Ahaan says don’t try to show her money to him. She says she is not showing his money. Ahaan again insults her and talks non-sense about her parents. She leaves from there crying.

Ahaan comes inside his house where his maid handovers him an envelope which belongs to Ishqi. He gets money in that letter and a note in which she wrote her parents taught her always right. Ahaan goes to her house where he learns that Ishqi’s parents have died in her childhood. Ahaan gets shocked to hear her. Ishqi and Ahaan share an eye-lock when Ishqi came. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Ishq Par Zor Nahi” on Sony Tv at 09:30 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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