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Isaiah Robinson Virginia Tech Death In Blacksburg Shooting


Isaiah Robinson Virginia Tech Death In Blacksburg Shooting: Isaiah Robinson has died in the shooting in Blacksburg at the hands of Jamel Flint. Take a look at this article. Isaiah Robinson was a linebacker and running back in the Patrick Henry football team. He was the only one of the recent Blacksburg shooting while four others were majorly injured. The culprit named Jamel Flint is in the eyes of cops while the Blacksburg community is still shocked at losing young talent like Robinson. He was so aspired, filled with full of energy, and faces many achievements in his life. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Isaiah Robinson Virginia Tech Death In Blacksburg Shooting

Isaiah Robinson Virginia Tech Death In Blacksburg Shooting

The community was totally shocked when they heard the news of his passing. If the young generation dies at this rate, then this planet is filled with full of aged people.  Meanwhile, the rising cases of shooting by youth have disturbed many of the individuals. This may raise questions about American law in a society that is in dire need of correcting.

Isaiah Robinson Virginia Death

Isaiah Robinson fell to death in a shooting near Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Cops received a report at 11:53 p.m. on Friday about a shooting at the Melody Hookah Lounge at 109 North Street. That hookah lounge was just a couple of blocks away from the Virginia Tech Campus. According to the police statement, they gave no details of the incident but revealed that those who were injured were taken to local hospitals. Officials did not release the names of the injured, but the president of the tech school released an official statement regarding their loss of Isaiah Robinson through their Twitter statement.

Is Jamel Flint in Jail?

James Flint is not in Jail rather than he is moving outside without any fear. In the meantime, cops have already issued an arrest warrant against him and wanted posters to be made on him which police have posted on Instagram, street walls, on online media, and so on. On his name police charged him with six counts of felony charges. The 24-year-old Jamel D. Flint is from Roanoke, Virginia. The charges include murder in the first degree for the homicide of Isiah O. Robinson and four counts of attempted murder in the first degree. Furthermore, he is also charged with another count of use of a firearm while committing or attempting to commit murder for the remaining four victims. The public requested the police to contact the local law enforcement if they get any intel on Jamel.

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