Is YouTuber Shadman Kicked Out of Switzerland? All about Shadman arrested for assault with deadly weapon: Another news is coming into the headlines about Shadman, a Youtuber. Yes, a question has been trending on social media that, “Is Shadman kicked out of Switzerland?” In October 2021, he has been arrested in LA after being accused of assault of deadly weapons. He is a well-known Youtuber and people know him for his pornographic arts. Currently, he is in jail and waiting for his court hearing that is held on 19 November 2021. People keep searching online to know details about his police case. However, no one has seen his face yet, seems likes he doesn’t like to reveal his face. In this article, we are going to provide some new details about his police case. Follow More Update On

Shadman arrested

Is YouTuber Shadman Kicked Out of Switzerland?

Shadman is a famous Youtuber who was born in Switzerland. His full and real name is Shaddai Prejean. He holds Swiss nationality. He is a professional artist who is well-known for his pornographic arts. He went to F+F School for arts and Media Design Zurich in Switzerland. Later, he was kicked out of the University when the Switzerland law enforcement got to know about his portfolio website He has been dubbed a “Menace To Society”, but legally in Switzerland because of illustrations. He shares his house with Corey, Zach, Chris, Niall, and Stamper.

Shadman arrested for assault with deadly weapon

Since he started his Youtube channel and become a known personality, he didn’t show his face to his fans.  He kept wearing a mask in his videos and now, it has become a trademark along with his illustrations. He is known among the people for getting hatred because of his rule 34 and his comics which have child-adult content.

Shadman was arrested on 28 October 2021 on the charges of assault in LA. However, the information about the assault is not clear yet. But the court has a report on his case. In the reports, it has been mentioned that the FIR was registered in Los Angeles County Superior Courts at Glendale Courthouse. As per the cour file, Shadman has been arrested under section 245(A)(1) assaults.

As per our information, the court hearing has been held on 19 November for the further proceeding of his case. Although, no reports have come regarding kicking him out of his country, Switzerland where he was born. In the initial year of his career, he made a huge fan base who appreciated his art but later, in 2019, he stopped uploading pornographic arts videos. Stay connected with us for more exclusive updates.


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