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Is Woman Killed in Ottawa Protest? Woman Trampled By Horse Ottawa Protest? Explained


Is Woman Killed in Ottawa Protest? Woman Trampled By Horse Ottawa Protest? Explained: Recently, there is a piece of news coming out on the internet that there is a protest going on in Ottawa for spreading misinformation campaigns. Officers said no one was seriously injured when officers rode on Friday. In the footage, we can see that they are marching with the horses, the crowd was gathered. Officers are horseback are seen squaring off against protestors in downtown Ottawa on Saturday.  Before the incident happened, rumors spread that a woman had been trampled to death by a police horse and that was the sign of the misinformation some protestors are trying to spread according to the Ottawa police. That was one of the most dramatic moments of Friday’s massive police action designed to end the three-week-long demonstration in Ottawa. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Woman Trampled By Horse Ottawa Protest

Is Woman Killed in Ottawa Protest?

Nearly about 10 officers on horseback rode down Rideau Street in the late afternoon leading to two people being knocked over and there is a consistent social media rumor that one woman had been crashed. In about five hours or more, hundreds of police officers from across the country including the OPP, Toronto’s public order unit, and officers from the Durham region. They moved intermittently from the eastern edges of the cores by pressing down the protestors out of the ByWard Market which is off from Sussex Street and north on Colonel By Drive.


Woman Trampled By Horse Ottawa Protest?

Many people raised their voices and fought the protest each other. There was a line of armed officers who has several people deep stood nose to nose with protestors. They are spanning Rideau Street from the Chateau Laurier hotel to the Senate Building. Something around 5 p.m. eastern time, the aggression, the tension between the protestors and the police escalated. Poice says that the officers on horseback were riding back and forth across Rideau to create some space between them. This allowed the other officers to rush up and hold back the line of demonstrators.

In the protest, two people were knocked out to the ground during the operation. Moreover, rumors that are running on social media quickly sprang up claiming a woman had been trampled by one of the horses potentially to death. To some extent, a contributor has 1.3 million followers tweeted on Twitter that she heard a woman who may have some seriously injured or killed. On Saturday, she tweeted with an apology which she says she has shared some false information on the internet but her original posts had already been amplified globally.

Ottawa cash is not going to solve anymore. every day it is getting new updates with new happenings. Police in Canada’s capital Ottawa have cleared the main protest site in front of parliament that had been occupied by demonstrators for over three weeks. More than 170 people have been arrested and 38 vehicles were seized as officers for doing unethical things during the protest. some of the protesters who resisted were thrown to the ground and had their hand-tied behind their back.

some blocked the bridge and sometimes tried to harm horses. this kind of activity is going on during the protest. Canadian citizens are protesting against the covid-19 mandatory vaccination in Canada. People demand that there should choice for getting or not getting vaccination compulsory. On the Friday protest, none of the protesters had seriously injured. according to the statement of Ottawa police. False trampling death rumors go viral during the protest very quickly on Friday.

On Friday Officers on horseback are seen squaring off against protesters downstairs in Ottawa. On Friday a rumor has been spread that a woman had been killed by a police horse. this is a sign of creating misunderstanding between the Ottawa authority on protesters. It was one of the most dramatic moments when police were trying to end the protest, this news had been spread by some protesters. Almost 10 Officers on horseback rode down Rideau Street late in the afternoon, leading to two protesters knocked over and a persistent social media rumor that one woman had died during the protest.

During the protest, the Ottawa authority had to declare a state emergency. The mayor of Canada’s capital declared a state of emergency on Sunday. Mayor Jim Watson said that the declaration highlights the need for support from other jurisdictions snd levels of government. Rather than it also gives some additional powers to the city to control protesters’ activity. it will help to purchase equipment required by frontline workers ad first responders. it is very important for the safety of these frontline workers.

On the weekend thousand of people had been gathered to protest Ottawa again. besides this previous weekend from this weekend hundred of protesters protested in Ottawa. Local residents of Ottawa are furious at the nonstop protest. their life routine had been totally craked. right now people of Ottawa feeling horns, traffic disruption, and harassment and this fear is increasing every day after. so what do you think in Canada it should be mandatory for Covid-19 vaccination.

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