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Is Tim Drake Bisexual? DC A major Batman character has come out as bisexual!


There is news on the buzz about the Btamen: Urban Legends, that the character in the comic, is bisexual. We are talking about Tim Drake. Yes, you have read to the right he is bisexual in the comic Batman. It has been launched in 2021 in the month of March. Now it is coming up with its 6th issued. The enthusiast of the comic is super excited for it and they are curiously awaiting the launch of its 6th issue. So you are on the right platform, here you will go get all the related updates of the Batman.

Tim Drake

Is Tim Drake Bisexual?

In the city issue, we will be going to see that Tim is in the den due to the monster and he isn’t alone. He is with the on-off the Teen as he will be seen trying his best to get out of all the problems as soon as possible. So if we  take a look at a synopsis then “Tim will be seen asking for help from one of his friends, who is Bernad, and also get to know something about himself which he even knows before.”

Know Whether Tim Drake is Bisexual?

  • As Tim reassesses his life, then he will be seen having a conversation with Oracle. And he finally received advice from an Oracle then he tells to not to talk about my ex.
  • Tim also uses to wonder about his friend named Benard, and he appeared to him. After which he used to wonder about his looks. That is one sign of his sexuality.
  • Later he got knocked by a monster and all about his last wondering about his friend Benard.
  • Red Robin will be seen questioning himself only.
  • Tim and Benard will be seen dressed up just like Robin, and it somewhere shows that they might be dating each other. Tim might be seen convincing his feeling but all he needs is some time. Later Bernard uses to ask Tim whether he wants to go on date with him. Tim replies, “yes I want that.”

Where did you buy this comic?

You can buy the comic from entertainment retailers including Forbidden Planet. The price of the comic is between 5.40 to 7.20 for a single issue. Hurry up and read the comic to entertain yourself as it is going to be consist of a lot of sequences. And the story will depend on the sexuality of Tim Drake. Stay tuned to us.

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