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Is Prithvi Shaw Arrested Today? Indian Cricketer Prithvi Shaw was Arrest Hoax Explained


Is Prithvi Shaw Arrested Today? Indian Cricketer Prithvi Shaw was Arrest Hoax Explained: Is Indian Cricketer Prithvi Shaw was arrested? You might be worried and wondering about this question. The arrest news of Prithvi Shaw is a trending topic amongst social media users and many of his fans are worried about their favourite cricketer might others are curious to know whether this rumour is true or not. This question is currently in the top search over the Internet, let’s find together the answer to this question together. Prithvi Shaw was arrested? Is there any truth behind this news and what has happened that put the cricketer behind the bar? To know the answer to this question, just read the entire blog from its start to end. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Prithvi Shaw Arrested

Is Prithvi Shaw Arrested Today?

As per the sources, at the time of the second wave of lethal coronavirus, the state of Maharashtra was reeling severely under the crisis of Covid-19 and due to this, it has put everyone in a spot. The movement within or outside the state had also been restricted with the natives not were able to roam around freely in order to successfully combat the spread of the virus.

In the middle of this, the opener of Delhi Capitals, Prithvi Shaw caught himself in big trouble reportedly as at that time he was decided to travel to Goa via Kolhapur by his car, for a vacation as at that time IPL 2021 was postponed. At that time the rules were quite strict and interstate movement was prohibited and travelling was allowed with e-pass and apart from that many strict rules were there for those who moved to other states. Prithvi was stopped by the police for not had a mandatory e-pass.

Was Prithvi Shaw Arrested 

The 21-year-old Shaw got a major setback when he was halted by the cops in the Amboli district. At that time, The right-handed batsman was asked to show his e-pass and as he did not have it, he had to apply for it online through his mobile phone. However, Saw had applied for an e-pass but had left for Goa before it was issued. The official said that he had a token issued in lieu of the application. However, Prithvi was not arrested just stopped by the police and was allowed to proceed with his journey only after he acquired the e-pass online. So, the whole thing about his apprehend is just a rumour. 

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