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Is Norris Cole Dead In Real Life? Coronation Street Chaos In Norris Cole Funeral Scenes


Is Norris Cole Dead In Real Life? Coronation Street Chaos In Norris Cole Funeral Scenes: One thing which everyone knows about Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden), he was into creating chaos in coronation street and he certainly did it tonight, following the news that Norris has died, Weatherfield residents gathered together and watched as Tony Maudklsey and Todd were leading the funeral cart along with the cobbles.

Is Norris Cole Dead In Real Life

Is Norris Cole Dead In Real Life?

Coronation street delivered some hilarious scenes tonight as they were in the church, as stressed Mary (Patti Clare) grew really hot and she will be seeing bothering over her hairstyle, she was dressed as a princess. After all of them were saying their Goodbyes, friends of Norris headed home in order to try and unlock the secret which their sneaky friend had hidden which was inside the paperboy who was outside the Kabin.

Is Norris Cole Dead In Real Life

Ken (William Rouche), Gail, Freda (Ali Briggs), and Brian (Peter Gun) are going to be seeing watching as Mary is going to arrive gloved up and with a chainsaw in hand, well has a license for it so no need to ask as to why she carries it. Brian reminded her that she has been drinking too much alcohol.

Norris’s friends were chuckling away to themselves and they were gossiping and they were secret-keeping once again which allowed him to be the center of attention, he is going to be missed by everyone who is a lover of the series. No, Chuck Norris hasn’t died in real life, he is going to be around with us to entertain us further.

Is Norris Cole Dead In Real Life

He is one of the most legendary actors in the industry and he has died off from the series, there were so many speculations which was going on about his death on the internet, we had no choice but to update the users that he has been written off in the show and they have shown him dead in the show, he is alive and happy.

People need to understand, they need to do their research before believing something, the people who are spreading the fake news on the internet are just lifeless, spreading lies about someone dying is just the most demeaning thing that you can come up with, it is a total shame that people are carrying out such stuff in the name of journalism.

The actor hasn’t reacted to what is being said about him by some of the outlets which is the best thing to do, the man doesn’t need to waste his energy on such stuff.

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