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Who is Nas Blixky, NY Drill Rapper Dead or Alive – Shot Death Video Leave Twitter In Shocks


Who is Nas Blixky, NY Drill Rapper Dead or Alive – Shot Death Video Leave Twitter In Shocks: A disturbing video is presently making rounds all over the web. As per the reports, a rising New York rapper named Nas Blixky is allegedly in critical condition after being shot in the head. Since the news came to the headlines, his fans and followers comes in a big trauma and worried for him. Several Twitter posts suggest that the Brooklyn rill artist is struggling for his life, whilst his camp has not asserted yet. His fans are currently praying for him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Nas Blixky Shot Video

Is Nas Blixky After Shot Dead or Alive?

Twitter has its own theories. As one user wrote, “Nas Blixky was shot because he belittlement another artist PG-16 and likened the possible killing to rapper FBG Duck’s untimely passing. Rapper FBG Duck dropped diss track “Deas B****es” slating slain gang rivals weeks prior to he was assassinated in Chicago Rapper Nas Blixky only previewed and did not even get to drop his diss PG-16 and got hit with a companion. In the meantime, Drilla is still out here like.”

Nas Blixky Shot Death Video Explained

In the meantime, a rival rapper named Nas EBK is gagging about the accused precarious predicament of Nas Blixky. A Youtube video containing many posts from his IG stores find EBK laughing about the possible death of Nas Blixy. He wrote, “Dubski got. Lotti got, Rah got, Nicky Blix got, Nas Blix got, Dre got, Jiggy checked out, Damn I miss all the opps. Do message me now? Ohh Sh’t you all can not.”

He added in a follow-up post, “N***a got head tapped like how? I thought you keep a Blixky like how!!! I pray you should die n***a. Just give up no need to struggle. Matter of fact somebody tells me in which hospital he is admitted. I may go there and unplug that sh*t rn.”

Nas Blixky Shot Video Leave Twitter In Shocks

The shooting incident comes less than 2 years after the crewmate of Nas Blixky, Nick Blixky was shot and assassinated. As per CNN, the NYPD stated the 21-year-old was found unconscious and unresponsive with “gunshot injuries to his buttocks and torso.” The investigating officers found him after getting a 911 call about a man possibly shot in front of the building which is in Brooklyn’s Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood.


The medical officials and emergency responders instantly transported him to New York City Health & Hospitals/Kings County, where he was declared dead. Blixky was part of the Brooklyn drill music scene and had gathered over 2 million Youtube views for the song titled “Drive The Boat” featuring Nas Blixky and 22Gz. Hours prior to he was assassinated, he declared he was releasing a new mixtape called “Different Timin”.

Has NAS BLIXKY been shot in the head and he is in serious condition? who shot him? you can get the full information in the given article. 

we all know who is Brooklyn drill rapper Nas Blixky. According to some relevant reports he has been shot in his head, and he is seriously injured. his physical condition is not good.

Nas Blixky whose real name is Nasir Fisher. Blixky has been badly shot on his head because he simply previewed a diss track aimed at PG-16. he compared PG’s shooting to that of FBG Duck, a Chicago drill rap-per killed weeks after his “Dead B*****s” diss track.

Who is getting advantage of Nas Blixky’s life threat?

A rival of Blixky, Nas EBK, took full benefits of Blixky’s life-threatening situation. Nas EBK began throwing shots at the Blixky gang including Nick Blixky. Approximately 2 years ago Nick Blixky was shot and killed in Brooklyn.

Who has been shot to Nas Blixky?

Police have not found any suspect who shot Nas Blixky. The source.com will update this story when details develop. NYPD investigations say caliph Glea, 28 was likely the triggerman who blasted the 21-year-old Blixky in the upper body and back as the young rapper stood on Winthrop st. near Rogers Ave.

A rapper has died after being shot. he was found in a very conscience state. he took to the hospital but the doctor could not save his life. The 21 years old rapper was unresponsive with “gunshot wounds to his torso and buttocks”.

New York Police confirm the death of Nas Blixky. Nas was discovered after responding to a 911 call about a young man has shot in front of 200 Winthrop Street.  Emergency service workers tried very hard to save him, workers also responded to the scene and transported him to New York City Health and Hospital.

Who is the suspected murderer?

Law enforcement sources say Caliph Glean was arrested in Philadelphia and he has been charged with illegally possessing ammunition. according to a spoke for the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office said, he expected to appear in federal court on Friday. Glean was also convicted of attempted murder in February of 2017. he was paroled in 2019.

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