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Is Marisa Ramirez Leaving Blue Bloods? revealed


Is Marisa Ramirez Leaving Blue Bloods? revealed: The question on the minds of the audiences are, is Marisa Ramirez is going to be leaving Blue Bloods after being such a longtime staple, it is being stated that Maria Baez is probably quitting her job, much like a member of the Reagan family, we followed some of the evidence leading to the tonight’s “Firewall” and this has made us very worried over the future of the character. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Marisa Ramirez Leaving Blue Bloods

Is Marisa Ramirez Leaving Blue Bloods?

Baez was at least very-much considering a life beyond the NYPD, there is a sneak peek which is out there for the episode which is showing her pondering over her future after growing frustrated with the rigors of the job, Life seems to have a detective is always stressful.

It is even harder when you have no public trust and you see people recording you on their phones every second of the day, it has been clearly taking a toll on her, it is not known if Danny can talk her out of leaving. There is one reason to be hopeful when entering tonight, the simple fact is that there is no concrete evidence that Baez is leaving the show as of this point in time.

Lauren Patten was lost earlier this season, there was some evidence which was coming thanks to her Broadway schedule, we hope that the series doesn’t repeat something we already saw with the partner of Eddie earlier in the season, the audiences are hoping for a lot more great stuff from them moving forward.

The good news is that she was ok, she was hospitalized which happens close to the end of the episode, it is not confirmed if she is going to be returning to work right away but there was no direct evidence, she was quitting tonight, there are going to be further updates on the show in the coming days and weeks.

We are going to be on our toes to provide you with further revelations as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the story, We will be back with the updates on the show, it seems like the audiences are pretty excited about the show, the show has been getting more and more excited as episodes come by, it seems like you guys like to know about the show weekly so we are going to be working upon that.

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