The question about the character Loki has been raising on the internet as “Didn’t Loki passed away in the movie “Infinity War”? SO, don’t get panic as you will get the answer to your question here, thus for this, you need to read the full article. Being an enthusiast of a movie you must be wondering about the death of this character hence your wait is River now.

LOKI Episode 1

Yes, Loki has been passed away in the “Avengers Infinity War”. He died when the ship coming from Aagrad was attacked by the Thanos.

Here what you need to know about this:-

  • Thanos demolishes everything and everyone on the ship. He takes an infinity stone from Loki after this use to keep on choking the god of mischief till he dies.
  • During the same scene, Thomas tells Loki that, ‘No do-overs this time”.
  • And exactly from there, Loki is dead and gone.

Loki’s appearance in Avengers: Endgame:-

For the enthusiast, it will go to be saddened that they will not go to see Loki in Avengers Endgame. Avengers once again travel in 2012 so that they can collect Tesseract (Infinity Stone).

If we have look at the 2012 version of Loki then will dees that he steals the infinity stone and travel far away from the riot or a battle.

There is a question from the enthusiast that why Loki Doesn’t skip his reading.?

The head writer of the character mentioned that it’s important “Loki’s death must be remembered by the people. So we wanted to keep the Loki highlighted hence we focused on the unique death of the character.

The writer also wondering to bring back Loki with the whole new journey again. Waldron was given a statement ob this in which he said, “It’s important for us to tp fetch him again in the movie, while we will soon be launching him in the film with his new journey, so keep your finger crossed t see him the completely unique journey.”

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