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Is Lee Min Ho’s Dating Yeonwoo? The truth behind Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend Yeonwoo


The fans are always curious to know about the personal and the love life of their favourite celebs. These days the K-Drama is one of the most-watched series and the actors are also making a huge fan following and their fans are keen to know about the love interest of their favourite characters. K-Drama sweetheart Lee Mon Ho was involved in another dating rumour with es Momoland member Yeonwoo after it was noted that the couple is seeing each other. As per the report of South Korean media, Dispatch, Lee Min Ho had been “dappled” with the K-pop star on the occasion of her birthday on 1st August.

Lee Min Ho's Dating Yeonwoo

Is Lee Min Ho’s Dating Yeonwoo?

Not only this, but the duo have also been too late-night dates where Lee Min Ho personally picked up his girlfriend Yeonwoo prior to going for a COEX Megabox movie date. Now the fans are curious to know that whether their favourite actor Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo are dating each other? Let’s find out the entire matter below:-

Lee Mi Ho’s Girlfriend 

According to media outlets that the former Momoland star Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho have been dating over the past 5 months. The couple usually had “home dates”  as both are living close to each other and only lived 5 minutes apart. The media report also disclosed that Yeowoo celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend Lee Min Ho on 1st August. Later on, they invited the 25-year-old star to his home. One of the acquaintances of Lee Min Ho commented on the dating news of the couple by stated that “Lee Min has always been loyal about his love. He doesn’t care what other people think and enjoys their dates outside and he even never tried to hide the things behind the curtains.”

One of the close friends of Lee Min Ho has allegedly stated that both Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo share the same interests in gaming and movies which help them to create and strengthen their bonds.

The Agency Of Lee Min Ho Rejecting The Dating News With Yeonwoo

After the dating news comes into the limelight, the agency of Lee Min Ho, MYM Entertainment, rejected the dating reports. The agency stated, “They are just acquaintances. They are not dating each other.” Explodes the images taken in the parking lot that was published, the agency gave the explanation that “They did not go to watching the movies just two of them. There were other friends too. The picture is like that but it is too true.”

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