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Is JODI GORDON Taking Drugs? Addiction Recovery Explained!


Is Jodi Gordon Taking Drugs? Addiction Recovery Explained!: Actress Jodi Gordon has become the topic of discussion as people are wondering if she takes drugs or not. As people on large number are searching for Jodi Gordon’s drug use we have done deep learning on it. The Australian actress falls sufferer of drug abuse after going through home violence allegations and admitting to consuming cocaine. She is best known for playing the role in The Home Away film. Now she once again aging people’s unwanted attention. Hence we are here to make you educated on Jodi Gordon’s controversial allegations. The actress has made it clear that she took cocaine. If you are curious to learn about Jodi Gordon’s drug use and home violence allegation. Keep reading this article to fetch more about Jodi Gordon. Kindly scroll down it to look at the downward positioned divisions. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jodi Gordon

Is Jodi Gordon Taking Drugs?

The Australian actress admitted to taking drugs when police raided the condo after getting informed that a gunman was looting the place. But when police arrived at the scene they discovered Jodi Gordon instead of any gunman in a Bellevue Hill condo’s bedroom. When police found her she was on medicine or drugs. According to Sebastian Blackler, the actress was highly addicted to drugs and medicines.

Jodi Gordon Drugs Addiction

Jodi Gordon was in a relationship with Ryan Strokes, a media mogul. The two remain in a relationship for two years but they could not manage to walk together for more than two years. The Home Away star was hooked on alcohol and drugs. The court banned Ryan Strokes and Jodi Gordon from speaking with each other for two years and then she checked into a rehabilitation center. She started attending a remedy clinic located in Sydney where she recovered from her complex relationship with a banker.

Jodi Gordon Drugs Recovery Explained

She attended The Sydney Retreat to come over her tense relationship and drug addiction. According to the source, Jodi Gordon started her career at the age of 13 years. She showed her flares for acting and modeling at a young age. The most highlighted and acclaimed work of her career is her role in The Home Away movie in which she portrayed the role of Martha Mackenzie. Furthermore, she also received an award for the Most Popular New Female Talent. You can also meet her on social media. That’s all on Jodi Gordon for now. Stay tuned to this website for further updates.

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